Owner Relations

Red Wolf Natural Resources, LLC has sold its operating subsidiaries Red Wolf Acquisitions, LLC and Red Wolf Operating, LLC to Camino Natural Resources, LLC (“Camino”) in an all-stock transaction. All assets previously owned by these subsidiaries are now owned and operated by Camino, and all inquiries related to assets formerly owned by these subsidiaries should be directed to Camino going forward.

Red Wolf Energy, LLC is not a part of this transaction and is completely independent of the entities discussed above.

For information on Camino please see Camino’s website at: https://www.caminoresources.com/

For Owner Relations related inquires please see Camino’s online Owner Relations portal at: https://www.caminoresources.com/index.php/owner-relations-camino-resources/

We have a history of success in acquiring, developing and divesting upstream oil and gas assets in many U.S. producing regions.